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Please look closely at the photo showing dimensions- this is a small bag! The construction is flat, so there's not a full body to stuff full. It's perfect for going out, walking the dog, things like that.


The fake leather is so real looking- it's supple as well, and has a nice (fake) grain to it. Sorry to post the photo showing the gray- the purpose of a sale  page is to do as little extra work posting as possible! I had these photos done already. 


I made these for a holiday gift show in 2020 when we were all freaking out about Covid and people were looking for ways to keep virus-free. They're completly made of vinyl, which means they can be wiped down, even fully submerged in water if you fall into the river after too many Margaritas. (but they're not water tight so watch it!).


Please choose a color from the pull down menu!

Small faux leather crossbody bag

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