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About meeee

The short answer:

Some of you already know me, know my story, and know what I make... but if you're new to this adventure, here's a very simplified version of who I am and what I create!

My name is Liz Potter, and I currently (and probably forever) live in Alpine, Texas- a small, remote, far West Texas town near Big Bend National Park and Marfa- if either of those lend a reference! After living in Austin for 30 years, I picked up my life and moved here in early 2018. The move radically changed my life in many ways, particularly creatively. 

I spent decades designing and sewing purses, and though I plan to continue to make those available on a limited basis, I've branched out over the past several years to include my art and photography work. The name of my website comes from a shortened fortune cookie fortune that initially read: "A wonderful adventure awaits you." But why wait? It's here! 

Part of my personal adventure is digging in deep with my analog photography. I have a different website for that work: lizpotterphotography. I'm very active on my Instagram for that part of my life: @lizpotterphotography

I'm deeply inspired by the Texas desert I now call home and hope to convey my connection to the land in my work! I'm selling through my website and to a limited number of shops I list on my "shows and shops" page.

The website is not fully stocked yet- I'm working on it! I'll be adding more sale items ASAP- and will maybe add more purses as soon as I can make the time to sew them (my fingers are toast right now from the dry climate- I have to limit my vinyle purse sewing!).

Thanks for being here, I hope you find something special! 

– Liz

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