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Maybe you're asking, "What am I looking at?"- well... these image are reproductions of a process called Polaroid emulsion lifts. See below for more on this!


This listing is for one of these cards- please choose from the pull down menu.


Each card is 5x5 inches, opens to a blank inside, and on the back is a printed title and my photo website info. I package cards with coordinating square envelopes so you can give them or mail them to someone, but you can always just frame the little card as a really inexpensive way to have art on the wall!


I sign each card front in pencil. 


Polaroid emulsion lift:

The process starts with Polaroid film (specifically iType, 600, or sx70- and yes, the film is still made). I shoot a photo, wait till it develops, cut off the white part around the image, peel off the clear front part, then submerge that into a tray of hot water to release the tissue thin emulsion (which is the image) from the backing. This floating emulsion is very fragile and looks kind of like a jelly fish or seaweed floating around in the water. It can then be transferred to a surface (I use watercolor paper)- and manipulated to create the folds and wrinkles seen in the final image.

Emulsion lift card/Agave/Beaver tail

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