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These are reproduction prints on heavyweight, cotton rag paper, signed on the front, stamped and signed on the back. The originals were larger- and honestly, too tedious to continue making to sell at a price for the work involved (way more than 22 bucks!). Maybe one day that will change! For now- here are heavily saturated, affordable, framable art prints!


I added a photo of both cans I designed- they make me laugh and wanted to show you how great a combo of the two can look!


Make your color selection from the pull down menu.

Can of Whupass 8x10 art print

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • FYI: if you happen to be someone who has purchased an 8x10 print before, with a price I previously sold it for, please contact me. I had to price them according to what they sold for in a retail shop and couldn't lower my online price. I'm finally free to price them as a direct sale from me!

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