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This is one of my favorite sizes- small enough to not overwhelm, but roomy enough inside to cram a lot in. These are some of the last ones I'll make for a while. Maybe ever. I discounted them to move them along, but there's nothing wrong with them! 


Please note- the bright blue color is impossible to show correctly- it's a really pretty color, and very bright, but your monitor might be different than mine so in person, the color could be slightly different.




These bags are made from all one color vinyl- meaning: the front and back, and the back pocket, will match. 


I lined these with unbleached cotton and sewed a double pocket on one side to keep things organized. Downsizing from another business left me with a LOT of high-quality cotton prints, so I'm using those to make the pockets. You won't know what pattern is it till you see the bag in person- but trust me, I put a lot of thought into matching up the patterns and colors to look great with the outside bag!


* made with all vinyl- faux leather/vegan leather
* hand-cut design, sewn in a reverse applique method
* adjustable strap is black webbing that goes from 34 inches to 59 inches long
* 10 inches tall
* 9 inches long
* approx 3.25 inches bottom width
* zipper opening is 8 inches long
* back pocket is open at the top and is 8" wide, 6.25" tall

copy of Midsize crossbody/ the agaves!

$68.00 Regular Price
$48.00Sale Price
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