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Using the relief print designs I've carved in the past, I created these chiffon fabric flags. I call them prayer flags because they're styled after the Tibetan flags, but are meant to be a prayer of sorts- for nature, a free spirit, and to add something to your life that makes you feel good. 


After making the original colored sets for years, I made a different set with different colors and different designs! 


I offer two sizes and a few different designs- this is the larger size. Scroll through the images on this listing and you can see the large size compared to the mini flags!


These are very light weight and will flutter in the faintest breeze. I use a fixative on the edges, but they're not sewn therefore they will fray over time. The fabric is also prone to wrinkles so if you don't hang it right away, keep it in the packaging and store it flat. If it does wrinkle, you can spritz the chiffon with water and using a press cloth, gently iron it with a warm iron.

Alternate colors Desert Prayer Flags - large

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